Dave Henderson Sound Services

Equipment Highlights


Dave Henderson Sound

Yamaha Digital, 24 input channels, built-in effects, EQ and compression available on every channel.


Yorkville full-range, with dbx digital system processing and Crown amplifiers. Monitors (with multiple mixes) and subwoofers are also available.


Dave Henderson Sound

A variety of vocal and instrument mics from industry standard names, including Shure and AKG.


We have compression, EQ, reverb, and creative/special effects by Yamaha and T.C. Electronic.


Dave Henderson Sound

A variety of stage and DJ lighting is available, by Altman, Chauvet, American DJ, and others.


Speaker, lighting and microphone stands, laptop/ipod connectors, tablecloths, stand and equipment covers, on-site 8-track digital recording, 100’ snake, custom lighting gobos, and much, much more!