Dave Henderson SoundEvents

Where have I been recently?

Recently, I have worked with the Company B Jazz Band, Maria in the Shower, Buffaloswans, Dominik Heins, the Brothers Arntzen Jazz Band, Slipped Disc, Henry and the Nightcrawlers, Multicoloured Mischief, The Hoppin’ Mad Orchestra, The Boom Booms, and the Careless Lovers, Glenn Crytzer and his Syncopators, for the Rhythm City Mess Around 2012, the Vancouver Swing Dance Society, and Lindy Bout 6. I also worked with bands and recorded music for the weddings of Jennifer & Graydon, Camille & Mike, and Jodie & Jeff, as well as others.

Before that, I worked...

with various organizers, such as:

for weddings, including:

  • Amanda & Gabe
  • Andrea & Nathanael
  • Jennifer & Dave
  • Noelle & Richard

with musicians, like:

and for events, some of which are:

It’s been an exciting journey so far. A variety of events, with many organizers and different entertainers, but only one goal: Success!